Hello…readers, friends and…patients,

It’s been far to long…let’s talk.  It’s me Butcherman.  My purpose in writing today is to give you a glimpse into my mind.  I want to show you who I am, what my interests are and where I find inspiration for the nightmares we are about to unleash upon you and the world.  So here it goes…

My name is Butcherman.  The name was given to me as an actor in another haunted establishment.  I like to think of it as a term of affection and what can I say it stuck.  Over the past 20 some years I have worked in many other haunted establishments.  The years have taught me that scaring you is as much a science as it is an art.  I have become a mad scientist of sorts.  Admittedly I am not very good at many of life’s other necessities (gardening, making my bed and being nice) but I have become really good at delivering nightmares.  My nightmares are different, very much unlike any nightmares you have encountered before.  I feel this business of fright we are in has become a bit stale.  At Anguish Asylum we are very into being unique both in the nightmares we choose but also in how we choose to deliver them.  We are very proud this upcoming season to present a new show that will haunt you for years to come.

I am the proud father of five butcherkids and have been married to butcherlady for nearly 14 years.  Family is important and we all take part in haunting you.  Each of us has strengths we use to make the show we are involved with extremely terrifying.  Haunting is very much a family affair.  So look for us in the bowels of the Asylum… we will be waiting.

I am quit fond of things old and forgotten.  I often think I may have been a carnival barker on the boardwalks of Coney Island in another life.  You’ll be happy to know the sideshow business is alive and well thriving in various parts and underbellies of America.  Urban Decay is fascinating.  I love to wander in abandon places and feel the history and stories that once inhabited now vastly empty and lonely places.  Horror has been a love of mine since I was a child.  You can see this in my tastes in film and literature.  Music is the backbone of my life and my tastes are as varied and interesting as life itself.  Then there’s haunted houses…  Look for my favorites in the links page.  Thanks for getting to know me a little better.  I look forward to getting to know each of you even if only fleeting as you’re running in the opposite direction.  Look for more bio’s of our cast and crew in the very near future… Thanks


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