More Introductions…

Hello Folks,

It is time for another introduction.  This time we are all in for a special treat…straight from his mind to yours I proudly present the boss man himself…

Name: Randall Lay, aka Randy

Wanted: Terrorizing Utah County residents

Occupation: Owner, Anguish Asylum Haunted House

Has been know to associate with individuals of questionable repute.  Has spent years perfecting craft.  Originally a resident of Palmdale, California.  Spent hard time at Cal State Bakersfield and BYU.  Is married to the former Susanne Whitney.  Currently resides in Orem.  Is known to be involved with organizations such as the Rocky Mountain Haunters.  Suspected involvement in other mysterious activities, as reported by USPS and FedEx employees.  Maybe recognized by lack of body piercings and tattoos.  Walks with slight limp, due to the great accident of 69′.  If seen, do not approach.  May be mentally impaired due to sleep deprivation and lack of basic social skills.  Make no sudden movements, back away slowly and notify local authorities.

There you have it folks…the man behind the mystery revealed.  Look for more profiles of us weirdoes in the near future.  Also check the links page out for some more neat haunted house related sites real soon.  Next time how about we introduce someone from deep inside the Asylum?  The good Doctor is itching to tell his story.  Stay tuned…

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