Dark Inspirations

Dear Reader,

What inspires us to create such dark delicacies for your enjoyment? What lurks in the dusty cobwebs of our collective subconscious? Lets explore some of those places both real and imaginary together as we huddle around our glowing computer screens this fine summer evening. You may just find we are more alike than you ever imagined or you may run screaming into the night madness nipping at your heal…

Abandon places capture our attention. There is just something about crumbling facades and broken windows that draw us in. It is in our nature to want to know the stories and people these walls could talk about. In particular places of importance hold vast knowledge of forgotten times and people, places such as; ancient schoolhouses where children learned and grew, old factories and hotels where lives where lived, places of tragedy or of historical significant where the world watched in awe. Tonight lets focus on hospitals, sanitariums and asylums. Gothic monoliths held prisoners of the mind in dark rooms who spent their days wandering corridors tormented with personal demons. Psychiatric care was not what it is today. Methods and treatments of long ago now seem barbaric and frightening. Take some time in hospital hopscotch follow the link below. The pictures and stories contained tell of dark times most have forgotten. Images of hallways, rooms, beds, equipment and personal affects are haunting and ghostly. They illicit a real response; real terror, real fear, real madness. Exactly what we aim for…


Another facet of inspiration I wish to explore tonight is true crime. We all have heard stories of deranged killers. Its stuff of Hollywood movies; Jason Voorhees, Freddy Kruger and a host of others. These don’t frighten me as much as the real deranged serial killer. Infamous names such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer illicit responses of fear and dread. Tonight I bring you the story of Americas first documented serial killer, Dr. H H Holmes. Read his biography in the link below. I promise you that uneasy feeling as you lay down for bed. Pull the sheets up tight and think happy thoughts. These are real stories…


Farewell for tonight dear friends…that’s enough for one evening. I fear I too will be uneasy as I climb into bed. Much more is in the works. We will go over more inspirations another night. The world of the imaginary waits for us to explore. Another night we will go into the science of fright. Plus more hints, clues and pictures of the upcoming season will be available soon. Sleep tight…

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