Dark Inspirations part 2

Are you ready for another round? Let’s celebrate the coming season by visiting more dark corners and dusty places. Let’s talk about the authors, artists and horror provocateurs that keep us up at night. Why are we so obsessed with their spine tingling tales and visions of madness? Let’s put more wood on the fires of our dark imaginations. Hold my hand as we plunge head first into the abyss…

First tonight I want to highlight some true visionaries of the dark visual arts. Simon Marsden is a photographer I have admired since first being exposed to his work as a child. I remember fondly thumbing through a borrowed library book of his work. His pictures were transformative to me at an early age. They took me away to far off places now long forgotten shrouded in mist and darkness. They haunted me as a child and they haunt me today. http://www.simonmarsden.co.uk/intro.htm Take a few minutes to explore his archives. Let his work take you away. Feel the ghostly past come alive as you walk the paths and crumbling staircases. I hope you enjoy them as much I do. Or at very least I hope these places visit you in your dreams.

Is it possible to make an abandoned mental hospital even more creepy? Check out this article about an artist in Italy who has done just that.  http://www.theatlanticcities.com/arts-and-lifestyle/2013/07/humankinds-creepiest-art-appears-abandoned-italian-mental-hospital/6285/  The pictures are surreal and strangely beautiful. They make us question the locale and overwhelm us with a sense of the uncertain past.

Next, let’s explore two giants in the literary world. These authors combined works have influenced generations of horror, science fiction and fantasy creators and fans. Edgar Allan Poe and H P Lovecraft today are still some of my favorite creators. I often turn to their words as a source of inspiration for writing projects and daydreaming nightmares. A fun site for the Poe beginner is  http://poestories.com/index.php  Might I recommend reading a few selections of his poetry. Poe is probably best known for a certain poem but, be daring and go explore…I promise you wont be disappointed. Visit http://www.cthulhulives.org/  and see what the H P Lovecraft historical society is up to. This is a great example of the inspiration Lovecraft is to so many.  http://www.hplovecraft.com/  is a site that chronicles his vast work.

One more place to visit tonight… Haunted Houses have been dear to me since childhood. One particular haunt that helped nurture and feed my love of the art and dedication behind the creation of a haunted house is Rocky Point. I know every haunt nerd gushes at their love for this place and I’m no different. My memories of this place are of vast sets and detailed characters. You could feel the love and passion of its creators on every visit. It was a place you would return to every season (sometimes multiple times in one season) just to see the new stuff and to experience your favorites returning to give you wonderful nightmares. I am proud and honored to say I was able to take my oldest son to experience Rocky Point before they closed their doors forever in 2007. Take a look at their website and get a glimpse of the power that once was.  http://www.rockypointhauntedhouse.com/

I leave you dear friends for tonight. I hope you’ve enjoyed our time together. Maybe I have introduced you to something new or renewed and confirmed your love of something old. The picture below is a glimpse of what waits for you as our doors open September 20th. Until next time…happy nightmares!Image



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